Asset:   ROE3100341C
Manufacturer:   GE Water
Model:   PRO-450-BAS
Description:   PRO Basic Series Rated at 450 GPM
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Not Used - Surplus
Price:   $161,500.00 ea
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This GE Water PRO-450 basic unit features an A-B CompactLogix PLC, A-B Panelview Plus 700 display, Signet pH, feed and permeate conductivity sensors, concentrate and permeate flow sensors. This RO has 18 6M 450 psi WaveCyber pressure vessels set up in a 9-6-3 array. Unit is equipped with 4 7R40 stainless steel filter housings. Unit was manufactured in 2009 but has never been put into service and is currently loaded with surplus used membranes. Motor starters are not included.

System Flow Rate (Permeate GPM):450 GPM Permeate
Pressure Vessel Diameter, Length, Pressure Rating and Material:8", 450 PSI, FRP
System Array:9:6:3