ACP-100R Actiflo Sand Filter

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Description: 200 GPM Package Actiflo Sand Filter / Clarifier Skid Complete
Classification: Used - Surplus
Quantity: 1
Price: $123,650.00
Asset Number: 10011465
Legacy Asset Number: FIT2370010R

Details: The Kruger Actiflo model ACP-100R clarifier package is fully automatic. The system includes a separate flash mix tank for rapid premixing of chemicals for pH control and Alum feed. The mix tank has an elevated tank, platform, handrails, access ladder and mixer. The Actiflo unit is complete with coagulant, injection and maturation tanks that flow to a final settling tank. Settling tank has sludge scraper and lamella pack settling tubes that feed a stainless steel trough system for the effluent. The Actiflo has an elevated platform and stairs for access to the top of the unit, mixers, sludge recirculation pumps and Hydrocyclone sand separation system.

Used for 1 year in a drinking water plant pilot test in Ohio as pretreatment to an RO.

We have a full set of installation and operation manuals for the equipment. Please refer to the attached technical document.



Flow Rate Design Flow Rate - 140 gpm

Microsand Design Parameters 85 Micron Microsand
Initial Loading: 160 - 200 lbs (800 - 1000 lbs/MGD)
Sand Concentration: 3 - 6 g/L

Control System Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC with a 12-inch Display.

Product FIT2370010R
Product FIT2370010R
Product FIT2370010R
Product FIT2370010R
Product FIT2370010R
Product FIT2370010R