Model: MF-054057A100-4
Description: Quad 54 x 57 Media Filter System
Condition: New
Quantity: 1
Price: Call 800.919.0888 for pricing
WS#: FIT2400242-2R

Details:Waterplus™ MF-054057A100-4 is an Automated Quad Media Filter System with four (4) 54” diameter x 57” straight side, 100 psi carbon steel tanks manifolded with 6” carbon steel pipe mounted on a structural steel frame with automated pneumatic controls. A Synergy Controller provides automated control of the treatment system with 120 VAC power source and a filtered air supply of 2 CFM @ 80 psi is required. System includes stainless steel underdrain system, two (2) 11” x 15” ASME style elliptical man ways, isolation valves, effluent block valve, effluent rate set valve and backwash rate set valve (rinse to waste valve can be added upon request). A flowmeter is provided on the inlet piping to provide local indication of service, backwash and rinse flows. All tanks, manifold and valves are coated with 3M Scotchkote 134 Fusion Bonded Epoxy. Finally, a 3” butterfly valve nozzle is provided to ease media installation and removal.

This system has been tested and is available for service.

Open technical documents below to review media options available as well as design criteria for each.


Product FIT2400242-2R